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DT Swiss XRC 1200 Spline 29'' ...

XRC 1200 Spline carbon 29" 30mm Boost

DT Swiss XRC 1501 Spline 30

Made for modern XC tracks - a 240 hub & a 30 mm carbon rim - super fast!

DT Swiss EXC 1501 Spline 30

Tough enduro carbon rim paired with a 240 hub - a package for going fast.

DT Swiss XR 1700 Spline 25

Snappy accelerating aluminium wheel developed to meet all cross country needs.

DT Swiss EX 1700 Spline 30

The aluminium Enduro wheelset.

DT Swiss X1900 25mm

X1900 Ratchet LN

DT Swiss X1900 25mm BOOST

X1900 BOOST Ratchet LN

DT Swiss M1900 30mm BOOST

M1900 BOOST Ratchet LN