Nitrogen Limited Edition

Conquer the wind

A new breed of Argon 18 bikes makes its debut. With cutting-edge aerodynamics, the new Nitrogen gets all the benefits of Optimal Balance. No sacrifices.

Light Weight + Rigidity + Comfort + AERO

The Nitrogen will suit road and speed aficionados as well as those triathletes seeking the perfect balance between performance and versatility.

Aero 3D headset.

  • Keep the adjustability, loose the drag.
  • Press-fitted installation.

Reversible (72°/ 76,5°) Aero SP5000 carbon seatpost.
Road and Tri positions can both be obtained with the Aero SP5000 seatpost. Achieve zero bottom bracket to saddle nose setback.

  • Seat clamp offset: -15 to -25mm
  • Set front: 30 to 40 mm

Monocoque carbon fork and hidden aero brakes.

  • Clean airflow.

Advanced Stiffness to Weight ratio.

  • Outstanding downhill handling and remarkable front end stability.

Standard bottles, aero behavior.

  • The downtube’s specific shape shields the bottles from the wind and enhances aero properties.

Internal cables.

UCI Certification.

Argon18 Carbon frame Nitrogen XS 15 Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: KCARGNITROMXS15
Argon18 Carbon frame Nitrogen S 15 Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: KCARGNITROMS15
Argon18 Carbon frame Nitrogen M 15 Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: KCARGNITROMM15
Argon18 Carbon frame Nitrogen L 15 Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: KCARGNITROML15
Argon18 Carbon frame Nitrogen Xl 15 Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: KCARGNITROMXL15