DT Swiss 350 IS Boost

Boost compatible hubs have an enhanced flange distance. This has significant advantages: a flatter spoke angle and improved symmetry allow building a stiffer and stronger wheel, always an advantage, but especially for larger diameter wheels in challenging terrain.




VN 350 Boost 15mm IS 32 holes In voorraad
Artikelnummer:: NVDT350B15FDB32B
DT AN 350 BOOST DB IS / 32 holes Beperkte voorraad
Artikelnummer:: NVDT350BRDB32148
DT AN 350 BOOST DB IS / 28 holes XD body In voorraad
Artikelnummer:: NVDT350BRDB28148
VN 350 Boost 15mm IS 28 holes Niet in voorraad
Artikelnummer:: NVDT350B15FDB28B